Monthly Archives: May 2008

Virunga Elephant To Be Protected

Virunga National Park as first National Park in Africa is facing several threats despite the efforts from rangers and conservationist to protect its resources. One of its resources is African elephant (Loxodonta africana) inhabiting different ecosystems of the park from the forested areas to the savanna areas. Elephants in Virunga have been killed in Virunga […]

Partnership for Conservation

There is need of working together to save the threatened species The eastern DRC is facing armed crisis for about three decades now. Protected areas are among the vulnerable areas as they are used by armed groups as their shelter and source of food and income. Virunga National park is suffering from that as a […]

Natural resource use in Virunga neighbouring villages.

Virunga National park located in Eastern DRC is among the richest protected area in terms of animals and plants. Some of these species cannot be found every where apart from the Virunga surrounding regions (e.g. Gorillas). Covering about 8,000sqkm, Virunga Park is surrounded by a populated region which might be among the highest in DRC […]